Shaw Lane Sport Club is about to undertake its biggest transformation for some time.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the clubhouse is transforming into a celebration of the 150 years that sport has been played at Shaw Lane. The main building will be transformed to provide visitors with a feel of the place from its formation in 1859 to the vibrant centre of excellence that it has become today.

The centre piece will be formed by a multi purpose room which will display the many interesting artefacts and pictures which have been unearthed during this 18 month project. Educational Resources have been produced and schoolparties will be able to come to Shaw Lane to  learn about Peoples Sport in Barnsley

Below is a comparison between the site as it is now and the equvalent areas in times gone by.

In this picture the original black and white photo was taken in 1964, when the club celebrated its centenary. Roll the mouse over to see the 2014 version - only the small white hut remains.

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