Archery in Barnsley has a long and successful history. Archery Clubs have existed in Barnsley for many years. Although an short lived archery section was formed at Shaw Lane in 1949, in modern times the longest club established is Dearne Valley Archers, based in Wombwell, the Dearne Valley Archery Club was founded in 1957 by captain V W York of Wombwell.

The club prospered over the next few years and some members were chosen for the team to represent the UK in the first World Field Archery Championships at Valley Forge in the USA in 1969. Albert and Joyce Kiddy were established internationals and Derek Gunson won the British title in 1970 with Albert Kiddy as runner up.

Barnsley Archery Club was born from the ashes of the archery club established at Redfearn National Glass Sports Club in 1972. The "RedNat" Club as it was known then, used the tea rooms at Shaw Lane in the winter of that year and moved to the site permanently after being were offered exclusive use of a piece of land which was overgrown and uneven, where the astroturf stands today.

The use of a field exclusively for the sport was very unusual at the time and the 13 members, led by secretary Colin Pilling (pictured far right above), who went on to become a County archer, took the opportunity and cleared the land to use as an archery range.

BC & AC Archery Section was formally established in 1973 and stiil shoots at Shaw Lane today as Barnsley Archery Club. The club now has more than 50 members, with both junior and senior sections. The club's membership covers a wide range of ages from 8 to 70, and has members from as far afield as Lincolnshire.

All bow styles, ancient and modern, are represented, and members take part in the full range of archery disciplines with great success, at all levels including National. The club practices traditional target archery and clout archery.




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